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Why BD Aggarwal Car Carrier Pvt. Ltd.

We, BD Aggarwal Car Carrier Pvt. Ltd.,ISO 9001:2008 certified, are one of the most trustworthy packing and moving companies in India that has been gleaming in the eyes for the boastful worldwide presence with 6 years of vast experience. What has been making us the most-preferred choice of thousands is the fact that we have been performing our part by inculcating "care" & maintaining the highest standards of "safety" all the time while executing the moving services. We have established ourselves as a reliable brand which has, till date, been entrusted with the task of moving more than 14 lacs of household, thereby making ourselves registered in for being the "Largest mover of Household Goods" for the year 2008 and 2014.

1. "I fear that the moving charges that a moving company would quote, would be more than my planned budget."
- No! We lend an ear to you and plan such a package that lies in your budget. We don't have any hidden charges. None of our employee or officer will ask you to pay a penny more than the quoted deal. We stick to our promises, no matter what!

2. "I fear that the person who will drop by my place to make a survey or come up with a moving plan would ask me charges for such a visit."
-Not a paisa! Feel free to call our Field Officer again or make a booking on the phone, whichever way is suitable for you.

3. "I believe that my consignment would not take much space in your truck. Do I still have to pay the same charges as of full load?"
- Relax! We understand your concern. Hence, we assure you that we will charge you according to the size of your consignment and the space that it will cover on our Carriers.

4. "I am afraid that if I am asked to pay the prices partly, then there are chances that my belongings would be merged with another person's who is also moving to the same destination."
- This would not be the case with us! We will provide either a small container according to your luggage, size and you can lock independently or a proper rope partition between the spaces allocated to the different customers. Moreover, we allow you to lock the consignment at the origin of journey and would only give the authority to unlock it, to you. We maintain the highest level of integrity in the entire industry at all times.

5. "It's my wish to transport my household goods and my car both at the same time and through the same carrier. Would that be possible?"
- Of course! Nothing is impossible for us. We have sorted this demand of our customers also, and today, stand as the only Packers & Movers in India who can offer such impeccable, unique and satisfying services. We have come up with a Carrier that is capable of moving both Household goods and Car at the same time and that to be in the safest possible way.

- Whenever our team of packers is packing your Mandir or God/ Goddess idols, special care is taken throughout. Hands are washed before packing and a "Mandir Sticker" is pasted on the carton. Mandir items are dealt supremely in the packing list and get loaded in the last. Similarly, at the time of unpacking, this is the first carton that is opened up. The packer will wash hands; take off his shoes; wash the area where these are to be installed; and after getting assured of maintaining the level of sanctity, they are then all installed with reverence at your destination place.

7. "I would like to keep my goods at the destination place for like 10 to 14 days under your safe surveillance and that to be at ineffective cost. Then I want that locked container to be delivered to my new home without any offloading in between. Possible?"
- Absolutely! It's only our company in the whole industry that offers such kind of considerate services. We have devised special containers named Trucking Cubes that let you hold your goods at the destination place for 14 days. This Home is an absolutely safe and cost-effective way to store your goods at the destination place, and will be moved to your new home within 12 hours' notice, all at your convenience.

8. "It puts me off while shifting with 'X" packers at the time when the person who was given the task to assist me with the moving from the day one, changes at the destination place or to the later part of the movement. I cannot deal with so many people, explaining everything from scratch.-
- Not an issue! We assign a dedicated Shifting Assistant to you from the very beginning of your movement, who will keep you updated, stay in touch, notify you at regular intervals, take up all your queries, and will be the only one who will not leave your side even if it happens that the deal is concluded but the level of satisfaction has not been reached. Till the time you would not ask him/her to conclude voluntarily, he/she would be staying by your side all the while of the movement, ensuring that everything falls at place and, ultimately, you are satisfied.

9. "I have no idea as how to ensure that the local moving company, which I am hiring, is really an agent of the branded company (APML) that it claims to be."
- We don't work even through a single agent. We have our self-owned offices, covering 1264 locations. Please do bring it to our notice as well if anyone claims to be our agent!

10. "I have found it out that some of the moving companies change the vehicle in midst of the transportation stage saying it broke down or because it met with an accident, etc. I don't want this to happen in my case."-
- Don't worry! We have a solution to this problem too. Even if our vehicle breaks down or, in extreme case, meets with an accident, we lift the locked container from the aborted trailer and put it on another trailer, making sure that your consignment remains on the move all the time till it reaches the destination place with the same lock put up by you. Even if engine fails, our containers never! Our enclosed containers protect your goods from every kind of external harm and are embedded with all the safety features to fixate the goods at a position, which are housed inside these containers.

11. "Dealing with temporary or day-wage laborers, who create a lot of nuisance and are notorious for their misbehavior, is not my cup of tea. And I have heard that some of the moving companies hire these workers."-
- No way! This is the only reason where BD Aggarwal Car Carrier Pvt. Ltd. is remembered. Our workers are professionally trained and certified by our own Training institute. They get proper instructions and are driven to abide by the mode of conduct.

12. "I think it would not be worth it to hire a moving company with limited resources in terms of their own vehicles, and further, needs support of the third party's fleet of vehicles to perform the movement."
- Indeed! But this would not be the case with us. We are supported by a fleet of more than 1200 self-owned vehicles and over 300 Trucking Cubes.

13. "My wife wants the moving company to take plants, like tulsi and money plant, along with the household goods but with proper care and attention. I wish if that could be possible!"
- Of course. You wish; we fulfill! We have made special arrangements for carrying of plants. Our Carriers are provided with an open tray that is fitted on the trailers near the fuel tank. The plants being carried get watered at regular intervals and remain healthy throughout because of unobstructed ventilation.

14. "I had a bad experience with the open trucks."
- Easy! We transport your goods through our enclosed Carriers that save your goods or cars from the weather's wrath and also from debris or dust.

15. "I want to pay through Credit Card only. Okay?"
- Absolutely! We do accept cards. Credit or Debit cards, we are open to payments through any card.

16. "I do not have original LCD/LED packaging box. Can you provide?"
- Yes! We have incorporated Special LCD/LED Screen Cases in our packing materials. These wooden Cases are rugged from outside to protect your high-end LCD/LED from any external harm, and because foam is embedded in these cases, they are cushiony soft from inside so as to embrace the delicate screens.

17. "Just in case if my goods are met with minor damages after unpacking, I don't want to run after each one of you for the settlement, and moreover, would like to conclude the same as soon as it could be. A friend of mine has had a really bad experience while shifted through Sharma movers in settling the same. What's your criterion?'
- Don't worry! We have been managing a team in our company that has been entrusted with the task of dedicatedly settling all the claims on the priority basis. We promise to settle everything within, utmost, two-weeks time period.

18. "Actually, I would like to keep the bags that you provide for books & cloths. Can I?'
- Yes! If our customers get inclined to keep the bags, which we call as Trendy Bags, then we let them to have it.