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We at BD Aggarwal Car Carrier Pvt. Ltd. have been at the forefront of the Transportation and Logistics sector and are one-stop solution to all your business' logistics demands. We understand that a well-managed and well-structured logistic plays a very crucial role in taking any business to its successful point. So, in order to meet your business' complex transportation requirements, we have devised a very supportive, advanced and integrated technique that is believed to perform efficiently and timely for tackling all your day-to-day transportation demands.

In no time, our friendly and best-value services will become the cornerstone of your business. Our researched and developed ways, of handling the transportation segment of your business, enable us to sail right through the entire process. We are supported by adequate manpower with competent skills and updated knowledge, advance and right number of resources, performance-oriented systems, automated technology and, last but not the least, extensive experience in this sector. With a fleet of more than 700 self-owned carriers and over 1000 assisted ones, we have been able to gobble up the entire country and the world at large, so that we can render our unhindered supply-chain solutions everywhere around the globe.

Our reliable and expert transportation services are bound to accelerate our clients' rate of success!

We employ multi-modal transportation system thereby conquering the logistics by airways, seaways, railways or roadways, whichever way serves the specific purpose. In addition, we have been expertly tackling Express Delivery and specialized movements, i.e., Over Dimensional Containers (ODC) movements and make use of Containerized vehicles - open and enclosed.

Moreover, we have put sustainable mobility at the heart of our design, engineering and operating philosophy. Our key business goals for sustainability include

  • To demonstrate that we carry "concepts" rather than just the "Household Goods".
  • Deliver safe and competitive products to our customers.
  • Optimizing the environmental performance of our vehicles.
  • Transferring best practices and knowledge, especially in less industrialized countries where we have a presence.
  • Our vehicles are fitted with tail lift, so that heavy goods can be easily loaded/unloaded with the least number of labors.
  • We have demonstrated our commitment to sustainability through concrete actions, and reported it in the most transparent manner.